Our patented FirstPrincipals solutions answers baffling challenges by operating in the air between reader and credential for:

  • Equipment with integrated, non-standard readers (some HVAC controls and elevator dispatch systems).
  • Buildings with legacy readers supporting newer tenants technologies.
  • Enhanced security of relocating readers (with precious encryption keys) to a secure location.
  • Architects and Ownership desiring esthetic reader solutions.
Architects love the ability to design and integrate custom read heads into entry designs. FirstPrincipals is the solution for compatible esthetic readers. The top of the image is our field survey for a reader window in a turnstile. The client needed standard proximity, iClass, and mobile access. Usually, a multiclass reader addresses this requirement. In this installation, the metal substructure and the granite thickness precluded this solution.

FirstPrincipals met the technical requirements and preserved the turnstile’s smooth top architecture statement.

We answered the challenge with elegance.

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