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Travis Software

Our software is a true 64-bit, ODBC compliant application based on Microsoft tools and standards. It operates on either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The core service was developed in 1992 and has been in continuous service since that time. Embracing the continuous improvement model, enhancements have been added to the system since its original implementation for a 200 reader access control system for a large engineering firm.

We communicate with the reader controls via LAN/WAN connections utilizing industry standard TCP/IP or UDP/IP communication protocol. For ultimate protection all network transactions between the reader controls and the computer can use AES encryption as an option.

We use Microsoft Access as the basis for all database operations. This allows you to develop your own reports. If you choose to allow us to build customized reports for you, Microsoft's technology dramatically cuts the time required and reduces your expense.

The use of an industry standard database allows for integration of the card access system into other business systems. We have as our goal to eliminate duplicated effort. We have several examples of successful system integrations. To give a few examples, working with a national parking operations company we integrated data from their parking accounting database into our system so that cards are automatically turned on and off based on the user's payment status. Working with another national real estate firm we have integrated the operations of their tenants (a major airline, an international engineering firm, and a chemical company) so that not only does the building access flow directly from the tenant computers but also their parking authorizations. We were able to work with the parking operator to generate invoicing reports that flowed back to the tenants. This automation cut the average receivable time by months! Not only did it improve the developer's cash flow but the elimination of re-keying of parking and building data saved money and greatly improved the accuracy and freshness of the data. I would ask anyone to examine our success for when we changed the property management paradigm from control through drudgery to management of data several good things happened:

  • The clients were happier because they had timely and accurate control of access.
  • The management staff was better off not chained to the card access system every day.
  • Parking management was happier for less data entry work.
  • The owners were happier with the improved cash flow from the operations.
  • Reporting is an integrated system built on a card database and an archive of card usage. The core history reporting system selects records from the archive based on a regular expression. Records are first selected based on the dates of interest then qualified by the regular expression for inclusion in the reported data. Based on our twenty years of experience of card access systems this search method is the fastest and easiest for the end user.

    The regular expressions can be manually generated, predefined, or automatically generated. The learning curve for manually generating an expression that will produce the desired results is steep but short with a lot of supporting documentation from the Perl language. We predefine the regular expressions for the most commonly used searches and compile them into a drop down listing for the operators.

    We are quite proud of our history reporting. It offers the power user "regular expressions" to get the report you need FAST!

    This reporting technology is state of the art and quite impressive, but you may be asking "What questions will this system answer?". Here are some of the questions we have answered our clients over the years:

  • Who accessed the computer room over the weekend?
  • To comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, who has access to the computer room?
  • How many cars are entering and leaving my garage by hour?
  • How many cars associated with XYZ company are entering and leaving my garage by hour?
  • Who has building access by company, group, or division?
  • When has Mary Joe been entering and leaving the building for the past year?
  • Do you have questions you would like answered, contact our team of professionals and get real answers to your questions.

    Pre-installed on Intel computer with Microsoft Windows and Office.

    SIMPLE Access

    By placing your tenants in direct control of their own cards and building access we cut your staff's workload while improving tenant satisfaction.